Disney History: Tapestry of Nations Parade

One of the things that I like about EPCOT is there are no parades to clog up the walkways through the park.  This wasn’t always the case.  For a short time, EPCOT was host to the Tapestry of Nations parade which lasted for almost two years (from 1999 to 2001) before replaced by Tapestry of Dreams parade.  This parade lasted two years as well and was not replaced.  Since 2003, there has not been a parade at EPCOT.  The Tapestry of Nations parade was added as part of EPCOT’s Millennium Celebration.

Tapestry of Nations #3

The parade’s theme was world unity and world peace.  The parade was led by the “Sage of Time.”  The parade features lots of large puppet-like costumes and stilt-walkers.  A variation of this parade was used for the basis of the Super Bowl XXXIV half-time show.

Tapestry of Nations #1

There were some floats in the parade as well.  But the highlights of the parade were the puppets and the stilt-walkers.

Tapestry of Nations #2

The parade’s theme changed to a dream theme when the parade changed to the Tapestry of Dreams as the Sage of Time was replaced by the Dreamseekers.  The parade had dwindling popularity before it was finally cut from the EPCOT program in 2003.

I never saw either of the parades in EPCOT and until doing some research on Disney history never knew that EPCOT hosted a parade.  For those that like Disney parades or have fond memories of the Tapestry of Nations Parade, here’s a full video of the parade.



Polynesian Construction – A Renovation Question

Today, I head back into the realm of debate as I ask the question “Should Disney have completely closed the Polynesian during the renovation?”  It’s an interesting question to ask because Disney is doing a lot of renovating in and around the Polynesian and it is causing a lot of disruption within the resort.

It’s an expansive and thorough renovation but it is coming at a great cost to those guests who are choosing to stay at the Polynesian while these renovations are taking place.  So, what are the renovations that are taking place and will it enhance the guest experience for those who choose to stay there in the future.

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