Interesting Piece of Disneyland History

A friend of Dad forwarded him a link to a story about an interesting piece of Disneyland history.  I read through it, this afternoon, to make sure it was family-friendly for the blog.  Please keep in mind that the opinions of the author, of the linked story, are solely of the author and not the opinions of Dad for Disney.

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Mousecellanous Day

Dad is volunteering at his daughter’s field day, today, and doesn’t have a full morning to devote to an in-depth blog.  This is a solo operation.  It’s just Dad who writes everything and sometimes life gets in the way.  So, I’m having what I’m calling a “Mousecellanous” Day to capture some recent Disney news that hasn’t made it into a blog post.

The first news item revolves around the upcoming World Cup.  Guests may be wondering “where can I catch a match while I am at Disney World?”  There are many places both at the parks and in the resorts where guests can sit down and watch.

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