Fastpass Plus Debate: Great Idea or Overplanning

Fastpass Plus

Today’s topic is Fastpass Plus.  It’s a new feature that Disney has rolled out in the past year.  I’m going to give an overview of what Fastpass Plus is for our newer readers and then go into a debate of whether Fastpass Plus is great idea or has caused guests to “overplan” their vacation.

A little history on the Fastpass system at Walt Disney World.  Fastpass came to Walt Disney World in 1999 as a concept for guests to create a “ride reservation.” Guests would slide their Key to World Card into a Fastpass machine which would then print out a ticket with an hour time window for guests to return to go on the ride.  When guests returned for their “ride reservation,” they went into a special Fastpass queue and bypassed the standby queue.   Fastpasses were limited and once the daily allotment of Fastpasses were gone, guests could only go on the ride via the standby queue.

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