2014 Food and Wine Festival Week – Part 4 Special Events

After spending the last two days discussing the booths that are available as part of the Food and Wine Festival, I’m going to move on the special events that take place during the festival.

All of the culinary and special events are based on 2013 information.  Some events may not return for 2014 while new events may be added for 2014.  Whatever happens, you can come here for the information.

The first special event are the Eat to the Beat Concerts which take place three times per evening.  The artists change every two or three days.  A full list of the artists was listed in Part 1 of the series on Monday and can’t be found here: https://dadfordisney.com/2014/05/12/2014-food-and-wine-festival-week-part-1-general-information/

Moving up the cost ladder, the next “level” of special events are culinary demo and seminars.  These events take place every day and usually run two or three times per day.

Culinary Demostrations

This event, in 2013, took place at 1, 3, and 5 pm on Monday through Saturday and 1 pm and 5 pm on Sunday.

For $14 (tax included), guests can watch a chef create a dish in a the show kitchen located at Chef’s Showcase in the Festival Welcome Center.  After the dish has been made, guests can sample the dish with a wine pairing.  The seminar takes 45-minutes.

Mixology Seminars

At 6 pm, every day, guests learn about mixology and the art of making drinks.  Each seminar is sponsored by an alcohol brand and the drinks will include the sponsor’s brand.

This $15 event takes place on the Vineyard Stage at the Festival Welcome Center.  Guests will be able to sample the drinks at the end.

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