Two Announced Closures – Two Different Reactions

On the past two Fridays, Disney has attempted to “take out the trash” by announcing the closure of two attractions.  Last week, Disney announced the closure of Maelstrom.  This week, Disney announced the closure of The Backlot Tour.  These announcements brought two entirely different reactions from the Disney community.  Outside of a few people, there was a collective shrug of the shoulders at the closure of The Backlot Tour.  Compare that to the Maelstrom which brought a large amount of outrage to the point where #savemaelstrom was still trending two or three days after the announcement.  It even generated a Yahoo! article discussing the outrage over the closure.

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Weekly Update – September 21

Here’s your weekly round-up of blog articles from Dad For Disney.

Changes, Changes, Changes – Maelstrom and World Showcase

Should Disney Vacation Club Expand to Moderate Resorts?

This Is Really Good – #wordlesswednesday – A look back at my favorites from the Food and Wine Festival last year

A Look Back at the Disney Main Street Cinema

My Must Eats at This Year’s Food and Wine Festival

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Food and Wine Festival – Must Eats

I would love to go to the Food and Wine Festival every year if possible.  Things don’t always line up for me, however, but I do make it just about every other year.  This year is one of the years that I will not be attending the festival :(.  I miss it by about a week.  I still like to follow the news of the festival.  What’s being added?  What’s leaving the festival?  What new foods are coming in?  The festival really enhances the feel of the World Showcase with new countries coming in – even if it is only for a brief time.  I’m not an adventurous eater but I do enjoy the festival and what it brings.  Over the years, I have found some Must Have dishes on the menu.

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Disney’s Main Street Cinema

One of the original attractions at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland is the Main Street Cinema.  This is a place where guests could go relax while watching an classic short usually involving Mickey Mouse.  Since their openings, however, the two cinemas have taken distinctly different paths.  The Disneyland Main Street Cinema has remained a place for guests to catch a classic Disney short.  The Walt Disney World Cinema, over time, became more and more of a gift shop and less of a cinema.  The cinema became a full time gift shop in 1998.  I would like to take a look back at both Main Street Cinemas.

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