Yesterday, I gave you a great tip on a free item at Walt Disney World which can help you save some snack credits.  Today, I’m going to help you spend some of those saved snack credits on some tasty Disney snacks.  Disney snacks come in all shapes and sizes.  I’m going to bring you some of my favorites and maybe some of my favorites are some yours as well.

So, let’s bring on those Disney snacks.

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Free Water at Walt Disney World Counter Service Locations

counter service meal

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Orange. Enjoy the ride as we share our tips for free items at Disney Parks.

We see them all the time at every counter service meal….the paper Disney cup.  But did you know that you could to that same counter service location at any time and they will give a paper cup full of water for free.  Think about that for a second.  No need to spend a snack credit or $2.75 to $3.00 on a bottle of water and then filling that bottle with water from water fountains.  You can go to any counter service at any time and get free water.  Not once per day.  You could go multiple times per day.  You can multiple cups per visit.

On a typical visit, my family would get a couple gallons of water for our water bottles that we would take into the parks.  After we finished that water, we would head to the counter services for a refill.  Once we started doing this, we noticed that we need to purchase less water for the room.  Now, we were saving on two fronts.  We were saving our snack credits or $3.00 for a bottle of water and now we saving even more money since we needed to purchase less water for the room.

As someone who is very susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, this tip is a life saver.  On a hot day in the parks, I could easily go through a half-gallon to a gallon of water just to stay hydrated and stay out of the first aid station.  I’d much rather spend my time relaxing and cooling off in a counter service restaurant than at the first aid station.

No need to buy these while in the parks!
No need to buy these while in the parks!

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Top Counter Service Restaurants….By Park

Everyone needs to eat when they are at Disney.  Sometimes, you just don’t have enough time to sit down and have a full table-service meal.  That is where the counter/quick service dining options come in handy.  You can go in…grab a quick bite and then head back into the parks.  But what are the best counter-service restaurants to dine at.  Well, there are lots of them.  I’ll sift through them and bring you, in my opinion, the best counter service restaurant in each park.

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2015 City of Ottawa Bonspiel

It is very rare that I write about something other than Disney. today is one of those times.  During the long upstate NY winters, I spend my free time curling (like the Olympic sport).  It keeps me active while all the golf courses are covered in snow.  Since I began curling in 2002, I’ve got pretty good by club standards and travel to several bonspiels (tournament) a year.  One of the bonspiels, I go to is the City of Ottawa bonspiel which a large event featuring mainly teams from Canada.  This year, there were 112 teams in the open division and only three teams from the United States.  Canada is the world leader in curling so the competition is the best that my team will face all season.

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Wild about Wilderness Lodge

Nestled in the corner of Bay Lake lies one of Walt Disney World best resort properties…Wilderness Lodge.  With it’s Pacific Northwest theme, it is also one of the best resorts to stay at or visit especially during Christmas time.  It is warm, welcoming, and feels very open.

Wilderness Lodge Lobby #3

The ceiling in the lobby is very high and there is plenty of seating for guests to just sit and relax while waiting for the rest of their party.

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